DASCOM Holdings increases global footprint with Printek Acquisition

 Purchase by Americas’ Subsidiary seen as “Very Strategic” for DASCOM world-wide


Verona, Virginia (July 15, 2014) - DASCOM Americas, a recognized leader in complete business printing solutions and marketer of Tally® and Tally DASCOM serial matrix, specialty, and thermal printers announced July 3rd it had acquired controlling interest in Printek. Printek is based in Benton Harbor, Michigan and specializes in mobile and impact printers. The result of the acquisition is a separately run and independent legal entity trading as Printek LLC.
Ho Chi Cheung, Chairman of DASCOM Holdings said the acquisition is not only positive for customers of both DASCOM and Printek brands, but is “very strategic” as it relates to the world-wide presence of DASCOM. “DASCOM is a very significant global brand with a strong presence and market share most particularly in China. We have, as a company, been making strong gains in select global segments of the printer market in both the Americas and EMEA.” DASCOM Holdings, based in Hong Kong, is a highly diverse company with more than 25 years of experience in the business transaction printing industry and employees more than 2,000 workers at its primary manufacturing facility in Jiangmen, China.
Cheung said the move by DASCOM “really allows us to enhance our engineering team and products in the mobile and thermal print space.” He further stated: “We (DASCOM) have a strong research, development, and overall engineering team, and this transaction will further strengthen that team since Printek has a good infrastructure and product pipeline. They provide us with some opportunities on the emulation side of things that will be keys for us to penetrate some untapped markets in a more timely fashion.”
Ron Acorn, President of DASCOM Americas, the subsidiary that completed the acquisition, added to Cheung’s assessment by stating: “We expect that on the surface in the short term in the Americas, this venture will be relatively invisible to our collective bases of customers. DASCOM Americas will continue to operate as we do today, and Printek will manage their business as usual. What this will do for us both here and as part of our larger organization worldwide is that we will eventually create new products utilizing synergy and economies of scale. This is clearly something that will enhance the value proposition for our company and customers around the globe on a longer term basis.”
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