DASCOM Americas Announces Speed Enhancements for Select High End Serial Printers High Speed Draft Quality at 12 cpi increases as much as 20% - Graphics Speed also greater

(Sep 8, 2010 – Waynesboro, VA) – DASCOM Americas, one of the preeminent suppliers of business printing solutions including printers, consumables, parts and service today announced speed and graphics enhancements for select members of its Tally-branded serial matrix printers.

The enhancements increase High Speed Draft Quality (HSDQ) print by as much as 20% without impacting life or quality of the print head. The higher speed print will be a prime improvement in the 10 character per inch (cpi) and 12 (cpi) print definition space. These print definitions are some of the most common in the commercial markets served by DASCOM Americas.

Throughput Graphics (Grauert Letter True Type Font) have also been modified with significant speed increase at both the seconds per page and pages per hour levels. Additionally for several models there have been modifications to the printer online menu, simplifying the selection process when altering graphics print speeds back to regular print speed settings.

These latest modifications have largely been driven by client requests and are significant in that they further help to position the Tally high-end serial products well against conventional low end line printer applications. Recently DASCOM Americas announced IGP/QMS capability and believes these further enhancements make the serial printers a great lower cost alternative to the line matrix models since they are generally more cost effective to purchase, operate and service.

Juan Vidaurrazaga, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at DASCOM Americas said “The print speed-up is important not only for its functionality, but also is another step in our progression as a vibrant product leader in the business printing solutions sector. With our extremely competitive pricing, pipeline of product research and development, and very select group of seasoned channel partners in North, South and Latin America, we expect to grow our market share by leveraging our experience, willingness to provide unique engineering solutions and focusing on niches where we truly know that our product is superior in its quality, capability and value for the price.”

For further information on speed enhancements or to order a printer today please contact your National Sales Manager or call us at 877-434-1377.

Juan Vidaurrazaga, Vice President of Sales – Americas, jvidaurrazaga@dascom.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ken Bryant, Americas Product & Business Manager, kbryant@dascom.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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