DASCOM Americas Announces GENICOM 3800 SERIES Replacement Program

(September 13, 2010 – Waynesboro, VA) DASCOM Americas, a recognized leader in complete business printing solutions and marketer of Tally-branded serial printers is pleased to announce a unique new marketing program designed to bring business end users the latest in serial printing technology at greatly reduced pricing.

“The Great – Replace the 3800 Rebate!” program is the latest in a series of product enhancements and programs designed to upgrade clients’ print capabilities at an affordable price.

According to Larry Kyger, Manager of Applications & Technical Support at DASCOM Americas; “The GENICOM 3800 series printers are well-known for their durability and toughness. Personally, as a long-time employee of Genicom I know first-hand that these units have been well-built and well engineered. I also know, however that at some point any printer begins to wear and cost you more in service and maintenance. Many of the 3800 series printers have been in use for an extended period so users may benefit greatly by upgrading, particularly at a time when our product marketing team has designed a program where the users save money right away when they purchase a Tally high-end serial as a replacement product on trade-in.”

Ken Bryant, Business & Product Manager at DASCOM Americas, adds: “The Tally high-end serials that are part of this promotion are excellent replacement models since they offer 24-pin print heads for exceptional print clarity and durability. The GENICOM 3800 series are workhorse machines, but their print heads are 18-wire so we believe that the 24-pin Tally models will be a high value replacement –especially at a price point that is much better now than it has been in several years.”

“The Great – Replace the 3800 Rebate!” program is designed to offer a $200 end-user rebate along with $185 worth of free ribbons when a GENICOM 3800 is replaced by select high-speed Tally serial printers from DASCOM Americas. The program also offers special on-site service options for the end-user when they purchase and replace through an authorized DASCOM Americas Distribution Partner.

In conjunction with the promotion DASCOM Americas is providing free technical assistance on GENICOM 3800 series printers to determine if you may benefit from an upgrade. Requests for this assistance should be addressed to lkyger@dascom.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and your email should include your name, company name, number or printers installed, phone number, contact email and a brief description of your issue.

DASCOM Americas distributes its product in North, South and Latin America through a select network of Distribution Partners.

To find a DASCOM Partner and take advantage of the program, please contact DASCOM Americas at 877-434-1377.

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